Your client’s giving a major speech. What would be in the trailer?

From You’re Going to Want to Watch This Speech | The White House:

I just finished reading the draft of a speech the President plans to deliver on Wednesday, and I want to explain why it’s one worth checking out.

[…] It’s a vision he carried through his first campaign in 2008, it’s a vision he carried through speeches like the one he gave at Georgetown University shortly after taking office that imagined a new foundation for our economy and one in Osawatomie, Kansas on economic inequality in 2011 — and it’s a vision he carried through his last campaign in 2012.Watch that history here and see why this moment is so important.

This marks a first, at least for me: a presidential speech that has an actual trailer. (If you’ve seen anything similar, do share!)

But it’s a logical way to create some buzz, assemble an online audience and place the speech in the context of a broader narrative. I don’t imagine this is the last trailer we’ll see for a major speech.

And even if it never sees the light of day, imagining a trailer for your client’s next big speech isn’t a bad way to focus yourself.

In fact, go all-out, and imagine the blockbuster version. You’ll deal with a lot of the same questions a movie studio has to when they market a film: What is your audience expecting? What will move them? What will bring the sharp intakes of breath? And what will that one scene be that everyone talks about in the lineup to get into your movie?


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